Wednesday 2 February 11 20:03
Chlamydia in women is a case of bacterial infection caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis. You may not know that you already have the disease because at times, there are no symptoms to warn you of such thing. This is the primary reason why the bacteria is easily spread that in United States alone, about three million people are infected every year. It doesn't discriminate gender and is actually prevalent among teenagers.

Chlamydia treatment in women
Wednesday 2 February 11 20:03
Sexual contacts have climax, and so have sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. A common STD disease is Chlamydia in men, which is a bacterial infection of your genitals that you can catch through intercourse. The height of this disease is when you experience discharge from your penis or vagina and when you feel pain during urination. These are also signs that you need to see a doctor and ask your partner as well to do so.

Chlamydia symptoms in men
Monday 24 January 11 21:01
Chlamydia is easily transferred to another person through intercourse. Chlamydia transmission happens during oral, anal, and vaginal sex. Anyone who is sexually active can get the disease. When you have got a lot of partners, you are also at a greater risk for infection. The group that is at most risk is that of teenage girls, because their cervices have not yet matured. In the case of men, since Chlamydia transmission is also possible with oral or anal sex, gay men are also very much at risk. Aside from sexual activities, chlamydia transmission can also be done through birth. This happens when an infected mother gives birth to her baby through vaginal method of childbirth.
Chlamydia Treatment
Monday 17 January 11 12:46
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